We had lunch at a quaint cafe in the hills. Our food was lovely, but when Megan arrived and ordered we were shocked to see what was presented - on a chopping board! Don't you love the look on the faces of the other two?! And poor Megan trying to find something edible on her board!
Journaling: Megan had to head back to the city. Amy and Will left early to explore some walks in Sherbrooke. Zoe and I went to explore the Silvan Reservoir. Unfortunately the walking trail at the reservoir was closed. Amy and Will, in contrast, enjoyed feeding many rosellas at a park. We stopped at the historic tea rooms for lunch. By the time Megan arrived we had almost finished. Megan was a little anxious by this stage and had trouble finding anything to eat on the menu. She settled on a burger. It was the strangest burger we’d ever seen, with a whole packet of chips on the side and not particularly edible. Megan tried to pull out the things she could eat from between the layers of lettuce and bread, but left most of it uneaten.

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