Pinterest is such a cool place for inspiration isn't it? I wanted to use Katie's new stitched geometrics so I searched for "triangle design" and found this great poster which I pretty well just copied!!

Journaling - It’s only a little house, not much more than a cottage really. And it doesn’t belong to me; it is unlikely that I’ll ever own my own home. But I realised the other day that within the next five years I will have lived here longer than I’ve ever lived anywhere before. It might not be much, and it is quite overshadowed by the much grander houses people are building around us, but it has become our little place in the world. It contains all our small comforts, and I am grateful for it.

KPertiet - Brielle Add-On Paper Pack
Stitched Geometrics No. 01
Brierley Element Pack (house)
Wood Veneer Dividers No. 01

Fonts: Raleway & CKJot