What are you thinking here, Charlie? Has your Mum got hold of the camera again? I think she was trying to get some shots of you but you werenít really in the mood. There were tears... followed by a biscuit treat. And then you humoured her. The biscuit and Jackís Buzz did the trick. (It was a good thing that Jack was having a nap!) But you werenít going to smile. Oh no. As little as you are, some things are starting to be on your terms as you flex your muscles. You know what you want and what you donít. You now make yourself heard. Which is a good thing. You are such a sweet child. A sensitive little soul. My heart swells with pride when I think of you and that you belong to our family. We are so lucky. I am so thankful for you. Hold onto those dreams, Charlie Bear. Because as you grow, youíll be living them. Sometimes Jack will show you the way, sometimes it may be your Mum or Dad, sometimes a teacher, and some things youíll learn all by yourself. And Iíll be watching with pride as you do so, thinking ĎHeís our little Bearí.

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