So, I started this layout a while back and just couldn't quite get it right... doncha hate when that happens? (That does happen to others besides me, right?) Anyways, along came Cathy's template and I had the basic foundation laid out! (Aren't templates the best?) I'm still not sure about the wood paper background... you know me... patterns in the background... scary! ha. But, it's done and into the Minnesota book it goes!

(Photos: Screenshot of the mask on the Big 5 website, Shannon wearing said mask, screenshot from Shannon of the email from the U, screenshot of the weather from my iPhone)

1.20.14 - I received a text from you requesting a ski mask because the weather was supposed to get really, really, really, really cold.
1.21.14 - I ordered the (not pretty!) mask online from ‘Big 5’ and had it sent directly to you.
1.24.14 - The highly-anticipated mask arrived at your dorm a few days later!
1.26.14 - You texted me this photo as you were preparing to make a (very!) quick run to
Walgreen’s to get something that you really needed. (I forget what it was now!) Since it was -11° at the time, the ski mask definitely came in handy!
1.27.14 - You received an email from the U early Monday morning cancelling classes.
Apparently, this is a very rare occurence. And, then came the weather forecast ( which made the earlier email a most wonderful thing!
No trudging thru campus in -15° weather!


Frosted Fun Solids Paper Pack
(background paper)
Snow Fall Brushes and Stamps No. 01
(flakes in the background)
Bold and Scripted Strips Brushes and Stamps No. 01
(title word art)
Winter Ice Element Pack
(glitter snowflake)
Silver Flairs No. 01
(snowflake brad)
Jingle Scrapbook Kit
(bow-tied string)

Cathy Zielske's Layered Template No. 123
(I used the four photo blocks, changing the size of three so the one photo stands out a bit by being bigger! And I totally lifted Cathy's technique of adding color to pertinent text,
in this case the main words in the word art and each one of the dates in the journaling.)

Thanks for looking! Debi