Journaling - I believe that there are not many ENORMOUS decisions to make in life. At least in my own experience, life seems to be mostly made up of countless small decisions ~ some of which seem to make themselves. This of course may have less to do with life in general and more to do with mine in particular, as I do have a rather procrastinating approach to the whole deal. Life motto = “let’s just wait and see what happens”!! It seems to me that looking back it is often a series of smaller decisions that eventually make up or lead to the BIG one, like a chain reaction of sorts. In 2010 I decided to cut back my working week to a 9 day fortnight. And it was going to be good – very good! It meant that my “day off” was every second Wednesday, while Claire’s “day off” was every Friday. It meant that every second Wednesday, I got the day ALL TO MYSELF. Bliss. Luxurious in fact. But it didn’t really work. Despite the extra day, the weekends were still overfull and stressful with trying to get everything done that I was too exhausted to manage through the week. And Claire was still spending too much time on her own, especially all day every Friday. She was grumpy, miserable and VERY difficult to get along with. So when, at the end of 2011, I decided to cut back to a 4 day week, I grudgingly opted to work Monday to Thursday so that we could share our ‘day off’, meaning my “me” time disappeared. But it worked so much better. Claire was MUCH easier to get along with. So much happier when she’s not by herself quite so much. But to say I missed the alone time is an understatement. Then Fud came back from Sri Lanka at the beginning of 2012, and was looking for a bit of cleaning work to supplement their family income. I decided to employ her for a couple of hours a week more as a favour to her than anything else and COULD NOT believe the difference it made to our lives. All of a sudden even Fridays were our own again – not so much catchup to do. But still it wasn’t time to myself. At the end of 2013, after 2 years without regular respite, I was in a pretty bad way (compounded by a very difficult 2013 in other respects). When our LAC from the Disability Services Commission asked me if I’d had a break (from Claire) at the end of the 2013/14 Summer holidays I just went to pieces. So the idea of overnight respite, something I have resisted for 20 odd years, because I had heard so many horror stories, came into play again. And this time I made a decision to go with it. To check it out carefully and to try and trust that she would be safe with someone else. She had her first weekend away this month. SHE LOVED IT. She caught up with an old friend from school and made a new friend. She was comfortable and had a lot of fun. This was so good for HER! Would I have ever made this decision had I not been feeling a bit shattered and bereft of some clear thinking time due to a previous decision (necessary as it may have been)? I don’t know, maybe other circumstances which are always in God’s hands, would have led us there anyway. Whatever . . . I am VERY glad to have made this decision. For both our sakes!

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