I've been meaning to scrap this photo for ages and Valerie's page gave me the springboard I needed!


Thanks for the inspiration Valerie and thanks to Lynn too for the challenge!

Your Dad’s been into this geocaching malarky for a good while now. The first I knew about it was when he did the one to arrive in Cape Town early 2013. Hayley knew about it as one of her old school friends was into it. I’m not sure if Mum was with you when this photo was taken, or if it was just you and Dad having some quality time. You and Charlie are so lucky to have a Dad that loves doing all kinds of activities with you. And I bet he’s more adventurous with you when Mum’s not around! It’s just going to get even more exciting as Charlie gets bigger and experiences these kinds of things with you too. You love the great outdoors and if it involves your bike, even better. Love your little inquisitive expression here Jack, despite those worried looking eyes! I hope your little geocache gets to where it should be and you have loads of fun tracking it and helping others get to where they need to be. Mum says she has loads of lovely conversations with you now so I’m looking forward to hearing you tell me all about it when I visit you in the summer. Love you x

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Photo by Stuart

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