For those who do not speak Portuguese, "a luta continua" means "the struggle continues", a constant in many former colonies in the 1970s. The photo is from a 2008 trip to Portugal.

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I’m not sure of what kind of tree this was, a tree that caught my eye on that overcast and rainy day in Lisbon. The tree seemed so out of place in this European country especially in the blustery weather. Seeing the tree, I thought back to those places so nearby while we lived in Malawi. Surrounded by but never visiting the Portugese speaking lands but always hearing their lilting broadcasts on the radio. I have no doubt that this type of tree may have flourished in Mozambique or other Portugese colonies in the Southern Hemisphere. Did the tree bring back memories of life in another land to those who returned to Portugal after years ‘out there’?
Do they see the tree & remember, as I do, the words that shaped a world ? a luta continua!