I realize this is a very traditional scrapbook page, but, I'm enjoying the Photoshop Artistry class so much and I decided before I get too far into it I really need to practice some of the techniques as I go along. First of all, I used several tips to improve the lighting of the photo and I added a texture to the photo and then used a layer mask to brush away the texture from his eyes and mouth. See the clock image in the photo? I added that to a layer on top of the photo and then using a layer mask I painted away parts of the clock so that it would look like it was behind the baby. I like that no matter what style of scrapper you are, you can adapt the ideas to work for you and make use of what you learn on your scrapbook pages.

I'm so glad there is a group of us from DD taking the class. You can jump into the class at any time and learn at your pace. There's a Thread about it in the General Forum and Katie has given us our own forum for the class plus this gallery.

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Edge Overlays No. 07
Ripped Vintage Photo Frames No. 05
Neutrality Paper Pack
Fancy Flourishes Brushes and Stamps
Fine Line Twists Brushes and Stamps No.04
Baby Blush Element Pack
Artsy Paint No. 06
Clock Parts No. 07
Clock Parts No. 06
Messy Slab Alphas Brushes and Stamps
Postage Stamp Spring
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