4 months today! Smile

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ARTpack Geometrics Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Edge Overlays No. 07
Jaspia Scrapbooking Collection
Readymade Journalers: Spring Garden

Cardstock Tabs No. 02 (staple)
Fine Line Twists Brushes and Stamps No. 03
Glorious Moments Brushes and Stamps
Little Birdie Epoxies No. 01
Negative Sleeves No. 03
Ripped Vintage Photo Frames No. 05

Font: Splendid 66
Journaling: Currently: You sleep through the night somewhere from 9pm and wake up between 6.30 amd 7.30am. You are not such a great napper and this varies day to day. Some days you cat nap and other days you have big naps. You smile at everyone you come across and are such a happy little baby. You roll around all over the place. So far you can only roll from your back to your front. But you are practicing hard to go from front to back as well. You are a real anything goes kind of baby. Unless you are dirty or really hungry then you are happy most of the time. At your recent immunisations you only squealed during the needle and that was it! You shocked us all! You currently weigh 7.48kgs. You have the cutest little rolls!

That is you, Sweet Poppet. So perfectly lovely. Every day I count my blessings that you are part of our family. You are growing so very quickly right before our eyes and you are more sweet and lovely every single day. You get a lot of attention when we are out and about and people regularly stop to check you out. You have a smile that lights up your whole face and it’s near impossible not to smile back at you. Who wouldn’t want to anyway? You recently moved from your bassinet to your big girl cot. You love all the extra room in there! You needed it too, because your are tracking in the 97th percentile! You are still Mumma’s little squishy though and love cuddles. When I get you up first thing in the morning you hold on tight and snuggle in close. Those first moments in the morning when you and your brother are up are some of my favourites. That’s when it’s time for quiet Mumma cuddles. No matter what is going on, all is right with the world when I get those cuddles.