Our little ballerina. It is starting.
Journaling :
at almost 2 you have found your inner ballerina. Its a whole new world to this tomboy granny of all boys except you. But you will soon be joined by a girl cousin and i kinda see a lot of pink and fluff and beads and clippy cloppy shoes in my future. It is without doubt guarenteed to be a lot of fun. kenzie you remind me so much of me. You are confident, demanding determined and quite loud You have a lot of spunk and make it clear to everyone around you if you disapprove of something. You love to sing. Out Loud. You laugh out loud when you are teased. You even laugh if you fall over You generally get up after a fall check out if anyone noticed, you wipe yourself off and continue doing what you were doing. You definitely have a sense of humour. You are absolutely sure you know how to feed yourself. You are definitely sure when you have had enough food. Simply refusing even one more mouthful. You are a little unsure of new people. And in fact you even shy away from me at times. But thats ok. Cos u
aren't 2 yet. When you are you will get to know that we share DNA. We share a
love for your daddy.
Nothug ever changesthat love. Even when they have cute little human beings like you. You get cuter by the day the month and the year. A bit like me, as I said! Ok so thats my sense of humour. You will get me one day. I just know you will. I secretly Think you get me already.Cos we are the same. I think so anyways. Except the bit where you draw on walls. Now that is an anomaly. But the real you will always come out.

credits :

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