I’ve made another recipe for my family cookbook. The photo is of our youngest granddaughter . . . I’ve used this photo to make a previous layout, but I wanted to use it on this recipe for the cookies, which our daughter makes. Bess made them for her grandmother, who was living with our family for a few years. HaHee had a real sweet tooth and loved these cookies so much . . . of course, anything her only granddaughter made had to be wonderful to her! (I seem to have inherited my mother’s sweet tooth!) I keep a stash of out-of-date spices and mixes in a sack for the grands to pull out when they want to "cook".

Journaling: When Bess was home from for Easter break in 1996, she found this oatmeal cookie recipe in a magazine. HaHee was living with us at the time, and Bess made the cookies for her. She loved them just as we all did . . . so, Bess made them often when she would come home from school for a little visit.

While I made the real oatmeal cookies . . . Anderson who was almost three years old stirred up a concoction of oatmeal, water, mustard, sprinkles, catsup & out-of-date spices from my grandchildren’s cooking stash!

Cooked Digital Stamps (spoon) – Katie Pertiet
Painted Overlays No. 01 (used for spilled oatmeal near the bowl) – Katie Pertiet
Pelican Park Solids Paper Pack – Katie Pertiet
Seaside Patterns Paper Pack – Cathy Zielske
Simple Patterns No. 01 Paper Pack – Cathy Zielske
Simple Patterns No. 02 Paper Pack – Cathy Zielske
(the bowl was made by using the shape tool in PSE. I snipped & merged different shapes to get what I wanted and then clipped the papers to them)
Fonts used: PBeth C, Caecilia LT Light, Capitolis TypOasis & Century Gothic