Conversation from a few weeks ago. Copied myself for the layout design. Made it quick and easy.

After church, we picked up pizza for lunch. Not everyone was happy about our pizzeria choice. Our conversation naturally turned to our favorite pizza places. Everyone named a favorite place or two. Then Josh chimed in. “My favorite pizza is the homemade kind.” I was surprised to hear him say that. I don’t make homemade pizza often because the crust takes a lot of effort (or at least in my mind it takes a lot of effort). Now that I knew it was Josh‘s favorite though, maybe I should go the extra step and make it more often. I’ve learned it’s always best to clarify these conversations though. “Really?! You like homemade the best?” ”Yeah. You know like Digiornios, that kind of pizza.” My bubble burst pretty quickly. Hey, if that’s the kind of homemade he likes than I suppose I could bake those once in a while too, despite the Herculean effort frozen pizza takes to make.

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