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Curated Studio Mix Scrapbooking Kit No. 05
Layer Works No. 432

Font: Flux Architect
Journaling: You are a little rock star lately, my son! You just knock our socks off at all the the new things you are doing and learning. You are so good at throwing and catching balls now. You can aim right on target and have a pretty good bowling technique when it comes to cricket. Your co-ordination is imrpoving every single day when it comes to your catching. You don’t drop many balls these days. You also come out with new sentences on a daily basis. The most recent one that had us in fits of laughter was to me, “Daddy said I have cookie”. It didn’t work but 10 points to you for trying! You like to help me in the kitchen and are pretty good at mixing up a scrambled eggs mixture. Mummy cracks the eggs and does the hot stuff but you do everything else. You had so much fun helping me with making eggs that you now eat them - something I’ve been trying to get you to do since you were old enough to eat eggs! Well done, You! If I ask you if you want to bake cookies then you are quick to drag a chair to the kitchen bench to help. You even know where the mixer lives. You like to help roll the mixture into balls but I am yet to get you to put said balls on the tray and not in your mouth. You have become a real little climber lately and are no longer afraid of heights. In fact, when we go to any playgrounds you spend the whole time climbing up, sliding down and climbing back up again! In your trampoline now you have worked out how to unzip the enclosure and climb out yourself. My heart skips a beat seeing you stand near the edge but you have it mastered and know how to get down. You truly amaze us every single day. You are growing and changing all the time, so much so that some days I worry I won't keep up!