I've been wanting to do a page like this for a while, and this Story Challenge was the perfect starting point. I took this photo with my phone the other day and it just seemed to match what I am feeling right now. Weather is such a great metaphor for what I am feeling right now.

I used a lot of techniques that I learned in a recent typography class called the Art of Journaling.

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Lately it feels like life has been stormy. There is so much going on in my mind these days, that it is starting to get me down. I’m usually the positive, optimistic one who takes everything with a grain of salt and can brush off adversity, always finding the sunshine amongst the clouds. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I know that I am not entirely happy with work at the moment and despite having been in my new position for almost a year, I don’t feel like I’ve fit in as well as I would have liked. The learning curve has been steep and I am constantly trying to figure things out…still. I’ve now also committed to doing some consulting work that I know is just adding stress to my life. Every time an email pops up related to the new work, I get a pit in my stomach. I feel like I just want to quit it all. To muddy it all, I also feel like I just don’t have enough time with the kids. What is the point of it all if I can’t spend time with them while they are little and actually want to spend time with us. The days pass by, and I feel like I’m in a fog with nothing guiding me or helping me figure out which way to turn. I have wonderful friends and a supportive and loving husband, but no one seems to understand that as much as I love working, I am just overwhelmed right now and don’t know how long I can keep going like this. As much as I try to keep it inside, it is affecting how I interact with others. I find that I am snarky with the kids for no reason, and I’ve lost interest in things that I normally love. When I talked to the doctor about how I am feeling, she said that it really sounds like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). We’ve had a dark winter here, and she explained that this disorder is real and it can affect people in very serious ways. I’m hoping that with the brighter days ahead, the mist will dissipate and I’ll start to feel normal again.