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How on earth do all my stories keep coming back to the same subject, my old Molly Girl. But when I thought of the crazy weather the whole world has been having I couldn’t get past our summer just gone, it has been horrendous. And who knows, it just may be the last summer I get with my old girl, who’s about 15 now.

Ali Edwards:
Summer Rocks Brushes and Stamps

Lynn Grieveson:
January Worn Solids and Spots Paper Pack
Hey Sunshine Kit

Katie Pertiet:
Twisted Dots No. 01
Striping Graphic Brushes and Stamps No. 01
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Lens Flares: Colors No. 01

Fonts: Century Gothic

Molly old girl you have struggled this summer like no other. Yes I know you are getting older, but baby girl it’s hit you hard. The heat has been relentless, day after day of over 40 Celsius sapped even our strength. Your black coat radiated the heat, but you wouldn’t go in the clam shell pool. I would have to follow you around with the hose to water you down. I’d drape wet towels on you just to lower your body heat, and more often you would just lay on the grass in the shade if there was any, panting, or on the hard cold slate tiles in the kitchen. Listless, lifeless, just sleeping the days away. Until the sun went down when you would get some of your spark back. You would sleep on the front porch catching whatever breeze you could in the still night. Until the morning came and that relentless sun would start all over again. Will this be your last summer my old girl? I don’t think either of us could bear another summer like the one we’ve just had any time soon.