Love the yummy colors in this challenge!

My granddaughter has asked for pictures and stories of when I was young, so I’m trying very hard to include lots of detailed journaling on my pages for her. I was very flattered and want to give her what she has asked for!

The backyard on Fernwood was lots of fun. We had a sandbox made of a tractor tire and Dad built us a sturdy swing. We were very creative with our swing. We had jump contests off the swings. We had to land different ways. Some that I remember were pirouette, one foot, half turn and bunny hop. We also did run unders, which was not a good idea. One time Peggy was pushing me on the swing and I convinced her to run under the swing while I was swinging. The hard swing seat hit her in the head. Mom and Dad were across the street at church. I got ice for her head and begged her not to tell them or I, as the big sister, would have been in BIG trouble!

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