scrap therapy!!!!!!
We are moving before the summer. {and hopefully for the last time!} and have been house hunting. I have fallen in love with completely impractical houses, we have been out bid and unsuccessful, we have found a good house, a terrible house and a big but not so pretty house. I've seen kitchens that are gorgeous, and those that are beyond belief. I've stood in a rough patch of grass with a drainage ditch, desperately trying to see how they could describe it as a 'a green plot of land with a stream...'! I put my foot thro a floorboard that 'might be damp'{!} also stood in a bedroom approx. 8ft wide and wondered where on earth you were supposed to put the bed...
All of these houses are real ones I have visited in the last few weeks. some have not quite been as the pictures led us to believe - in both good and and bad ways! Cameras really do lie you know!!
two of these houses are distinct candidates for our next home, but I'm not jinxing anything by pointing out which!

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