March 17th started out with yet another snowstorm. My trip to Trader Joe’s gave me a parking lot to myself. Up to the train station at BWI where we got the train to Penn Station. I went outside just for a bit and then it was the Long Island railway to the Sky Train. NO, NO seats at the Emirates terminal - inside or outside. WTF? a good flight, good food, then Ambien and it was morning over the Alps and breakfast.

March 18th We took the train into Milan from Malpensa after trying to have a coffee at the airport. While I waited with the luggage on the FREE luggage cart with the duck like handle, Dick went off to get us two. Sadly spilled so we got on the train to Milano Centrale. This part of the trip we knew very well.

After checking into the Hilton, we headed out to the same restaurant we had eaten in before. Dick of course had his pizza -salami piccante with an egg. I had the daily fixed meal. While there was carciofi risotto on the menu, I decided that would be for tomorrow.

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