The snow pile (Before and After)

Journaling: Back in December, when the first real snowfall fell, Nate and Josh decided to make a snow fort pile. Whever it snowed, we shoveled the driveway and added to the pile. The only trouble was that the snow never ended. It compacted and melted slightly so that the snow pile soon become an ice pile. Not exactly snow fort material. For some reason, we kept adding to it anyway. The last major snowfall was in mid-March. Then something miraculous happened. It actually started to shrink. By the first of April, it was just a baseball size dot of snow. Looks like spring will arrive after all. Unless it’s an April Fool’s joke.

Vintage Photo Frames No. 33

Coming soon:
Organic Simplicity
J-Cards Spring (recolored)

PS My dh took both sets of photos. It was his idea to have Josh wear the same clothes the second time...even though it was close to 60. Smile