Still playing catch up. I had to skip posting week 10 as there were too many photos I couldn’t post online. So here’s week 11 instead. Two more weeks to do… Smile

Thanks for looking! Smile

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FONT: Century Gothic, Pea Annalee, Bebas
Journaling: The week started off with grumpy children and a sore and tired Mumma. Linc lost iPad privileges as he was becoming obsessed with it. We decided it was time for a technology detox. Surprise, he started behaving again! My plans to do cake pops for his birthday cake went out the window when I couldn’t find what I needed - so I decided on an m&m cake instead. I went to order Dylan’s chicken coop this week and decided at the last minute to google reviews for it - they were not good! Xxx and Xxxx offered to help him build one when they visit so we are going to do that instead. All this week, whenever Poppy wanted to be picked up she has said “Mumma...mumma...mumma”. At least that’s what it sounds like! I went on a cleaning binge this week - my body made me pay for that, big time! Saturday we finished Linc’s birthday shopping and did a long overdue backyard clean up. It’s looking good! Sunday was Linc’s family birthday party. He had a ball playing on the waterslide and stuffing his face with cake!
Let’s Party: We had Lincoln’s birthday party a few days early so he could celebrate with his cousins. Mum and Step Daddy brought over a water slide as it was going to be a hot day and the kids loved it! I made nachos and an m&m cake which Linc just loved so much! A great day to celebrate 3!
Poppy This Week: *** We have been hearing what sounds like “Mumma”. Is that possible so young? *** She has become very interested in watching us eat. She told Dylan off when he wouldn’t share his chicken wings. *** Has been a real dribble machine lately. Might be time to break out the bibs!