Journaling: I am more Crocs than heels – love comfort over style
I am more cozy sweatshirt than chic silk blouse – more casual than fancy
I am more talk than listen – love to share my thoughts and experiences with others
I am more iPad than book – enjoy having books and information accessible wherever I am, and whenever I want it.
I am more indoors than outdoors – love settling in with a good book or scrapping on my laptop.
I am more photography than sky diving – prefer capturing the adventure rather than jump into it myself.
I am more rainbow than clouds – thrive on laughter, family, and bright, sunny days.

Kate Pertiet: Charted Layered Template No 2; Classic Embossed Chevron Papers Christmas; Rainbow Solids and Stripes No 1; Classic Cardstock Spring; Classic Cardstock Finest; Classic Cardstock Into the Night; Chandra-branch; Vintage Christmas-flower; Fonts-Big Mummy, 2 Peas Piano Recital, and Sakkal Majalla.