I was spolit for choice with this week's CT lift for the Saturday Scraplift Challenge. Chrissy (aka kikimama) has a gallery bursting with inspiration and I finally decided to lift this page - aside from Tom's adorable picture, the story is so cute!

Thanks so much for the inspiration, Chrissy!
And thanks Linda for organising this CT lift!

I never knew Jodie always wanted a ginger cat until she got you, Fudge. You were so cute as a kitten and Jodie soon fell in love with you and your affectionate ways which, it soon became apparent, you kept especially for her. As you grew you got quite fussy on who could stroke you and quite often, you would lull me into a false sense of security by letting me stroke you once, perhaps twice, but then you would lash out especially if I touched your tail and, if I wasn't quick enough, I'd have a nice lengthy claw mark on my arm. More often than not you would sit looking down your nose at me as if to say 'And how long are you staying?' I nicknamed you Lord of the Manor because you were quite a snooty little so and so. Still, it was only generally Jodie who had your affections. Then along came Jack and then Charlie. I wondered how you were going to get on with this major change in your territory. I always knew cats can be strange animals at times but I have to say that I'm amazed at the difference in you since these two little guys have come into our lives. You have mellowed. You have grown softer. You are more approachable. You appear to be asleep on the back of the sofa in the playroom while the boys are watching TV or playing. Occasionally, you'll keep your distance if things are a little noisy but I've noticed you a lot in their playroom and I don't think you're asleep at all. I think you're just keeping your eye on them in your own little way. Sometimes you'll even climb up on my knee now when you want a little attention. You are a funny one! I love how you've grown softer in your old age and you are such a handsome cat but I still refer to you by your nickname every now and then, not only when you look at me with those eyes that say 'I deserve some respect!' but because you are so sweet with the boys and I also know you still like to think you are the boss. Just keep watching over those precious boys in your own sweet way Fudge, I know they are safe in your paws. Love you. x

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