My youngest daughter and her family lived in Ghana for three years. She sent weekly emails every single week they lived there detailing their life in Ghana. So, the journaling came from her email the week that Anna learned to ride a bike without training wheels.

Journaling: On Sunday night when your kindergarten- aged friend Luciana came over to spend the night, she rode her bike without the training wheels, something she had just mastered that day. This set you to thinking. Already, you were the only one in the grade 1-2 classroom who couldn't ride without training wheels, but now there was even a kindergartner ahead of you. By Monday, you couldn't take it anymore and decided that this time you were ready (unlike the last two times when you were decidedly not ready). So Daddy took you to the tennis courts to practice. By the time I got there (around 3 pm), you were balancing on your own but not starting and stopping. Dad and I worked with you on the road behind our house until you were starting and stopping with relative ease. For some reason, you decided that Drew's old bike (the one he was riding when we first got here) was easier to ride than your Disney Princess bike, so you now sport an orange Tony Hawk bike. You made us ride bikes with you for hours and then had to do it all again when Drew got home so that you could show him. Then you had to ride your bike to school each day this week. You are really excited about your new skill , and you only eat gravel occasionally.

Studio Double D Layer Works No 305; Kate Pertiet: Classic Cardstock Into the Night-black background; Summer Gardens; Winged Notes-pink patterned paper; Black, White and Pink-pink photo wrap; Fonts-Source Sans Pro and Jenna Sue.