Just one of many stories of friendship and blessings.

Journaling Last night our birthday group of eight friends, met at Aleta’s house to celebrate Carol’s birthday. Aleta broke her leg two weeks ago, so we have all been going to her house rather than the Chop House for our weekly Monday lunches together and now for this birthday supper too. Last night, we all stopped for take out food and then met at 5:30 to eat and catch up on how Aleta is doing. A large group from church has just recently returned from 10 days in the Holy Land. Olivia, Carol & Lucinda all went and brought each of us a beautiful and sweet smelling Olive wood hand carved cross back home as a remembrance. My cross is so beautiful with the thread like veining in the wood and I absolutely love it. I can’t decide whether to have a screw placed in the top so I can wear it as a necklace or to keep it with my Bible to hold in my hands. It is truly lovely . . . a beautiful treasure . . . and, the most perfect gift from these three wonderful friends who were so very thoughtful to think of the rest of us while they were in Jerusalem. We had a delightful visit and caught up on everyone’s goings on this past week and as always enjoyed each other’s company so much. Last night was one, which we will all as friends, traveling companions and Monday lunch buddies for the past 30 years!

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