David's doctor recommended he get a Fitbit to track exercise and he was wearing it religiously. We had one of those winter days where the temperature rose into the 50's and we spent a good part of the day working in the yard. But we wanted to take some time to walk Carl on a trail in our town that meanders by a little creek. So we changed into our walking clothes, which in David's case included tight biking pants. We got to the trail, piled out of the car, got Carl out of his crate and decided to compare Fitbits to see how many steps we were starting with. And David realized his was gone! We rushed back to the house to search for it while we still had daylight. There we were, crawling under bushes, searching all the places we had worked, even to dragging the fishpond in case it had fallen in - all to no avail. (Luckily, it still counts steps while one is crawling on all fours.) So, somewhat sadly, we head back to the walking trail. It is 1.5 miles out and back so a good, easy 3 mile walk. We were into the home stretch, about 2.75 miles into the walk and suddenly David gets this very strange look on his face and then begins to laugh like a lunatic. Now, what you have to understand is that when you reach 10,000 steps, the Fitbit VIBRATES. True to form his Fitbit begin the sensory notification that he had reached his goal. And that is how we discovered that as he pulled on his tight biking shorts, the band on the Fitbit had come undone. It was nestled securely in his shorts and you can probably guess just exactly where. You know, he hates it when I tell this story!
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