Sandy (wvsandy) sent me these sweet photos of little Aly's first haircut. I had lots of fun with my swap buddy. The pages she made for me are so beautiful. Thanks again Sandy. Also, a big thanks to Jenelle for hosting this fun activity!

Fresh Vintage Asha Collection - *Coming Soon*
Watery Branches No 2 - *Coming Soon*
Bold and Scripted Strips No 1 - *Coming Soon*
Connected Wood Words No 2 - *Coming Soon*
Watery Banner Brushes No 3 - *Coming Soon*
Countable Strips Brushes - New today
Photo Clusters No. 24
Torn Classic White Photo Frames No. 01
Collageables No. 04
Little Shores Element Pack
Hey There Element Pack
Star Glows Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Flare Sprays Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Taped Together Overlays No. 01
Grunge it Up Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Katie's Leaky Pen Font