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Journaling: I had to sort through all of your clothes this week, little one. Most of your newborn and 0-3 months clothes no longer fit and so I packed them away to give to someone who could use them. You have so many clothes for such a little baby. Your chest of drawers is over flowing and I need more hangers for your wardrobe. And on top of that, Nana’s W and M have been shopping at Target again. I think we own most of the baby lines Target has out... You are so obsessed with your brother at the moment and follow him with your eyes everywhere when you can see him. This week I found him entertaining you by jumping off the couch. Every time he jumped your little face lit up with the biggest smiles. You thought it was the best fun ever... You got to meet your little cousin, Lachlan this week. It was also the first time you have gone in the car for a long drive. You hate your capsule. Absolutely hate it. The minute we do up the restraints you start to scream and then won’t stop until the car is moving. While the car is moving you are happy and will go to sleep. As soon as we stop the screaming match starts. It was an hour and 20 minute drive each way to see Uncle Chris, Aunty Bindi and Lachy and you did so well. We didn’t hear a peep out of you on either the drive down or back. Thankfully it was a highway drive and there was not much stopping! We were able to get some photos of you and Lachy together. He was so little beside you but at one point he curled up in a little ball and cuddled into your side. It was the sweetest thing. We can see you two getting into mischief when you are older!