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Journaling: I had to include this photo of you frowning because it reminds me so much of your Daddy. This is one your Daddy’s looks, baby girl. I thought your brother was a spitting image of your Daddy at this age, but you are more so. And funnily enough, you both give me this look whenever I have the camera pointed at you! You really love your Daddy time and quite often you fall asleep at night being rocked in his arms... Your hair seems to be lightening up and it looks like we have another strawberry blonde in the family!.. You are such a vocal little baby and make so many different sounds. It honestly sounds like you are trying to have a conversation most times. We have been hearing babbles that sound so much like “Mumma”. You only say it when you are hungry and it’s not even a cry. It is very much “Mummmmmmaaa”. Needless to say, it always gets my attention and it’s always when you are hungry... You rolled over onto your side this week! You bring your little legs up and try ever so hard to roll off your back. You squirm and wiggle so much that it is nothing to find you moving around your play mat on your back! More and more you like to be upright these days and find your bouncer too reclined... Your little cousin Lachlan was born this week also. You will have someone to grow up with! It is hard to believe you were that little not so long ago!