A sweet photo of the 2 littlies.

journaling: It’s photos like this that make me cast my mind ahead in time, say 20 years. Are you gonna be like brother and sister? Are you gonna go out together and look after each other? Will you share interests? As 1 year olds you are sweet, kind and loving to each other. Kenzie squeals your name...BROADLES.... in a high pitched voice. You love to run after each other. You want to see what the other has or is doing all the time. Where one is the other is. Right now you adore one another. It’s an unspoken love affair. In my heart I simply know that in those 20 years that I stop to dream about, you guys will be a lot taller, and wiser, and you will have had many experiences. But please remain good buddies. Please know that you are family. Good family. Good, happy family. Cos that bond will always be there. You are making memories, now.


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