Yes, I still have football and wrestling pages to do.
Yes, I really do have other children.
No, these fantastic photos were not taken by me (or edited by me for that matter).
Yes, as soon as I saw them on facebook I HAD to scrap them immediately.
No, I don't understand the game at all.

Photo credits: Brad Covey

journaling: Apparently being a 2 sport athlete was not enough for you. Nope, you decided that you needed to learn a new sport this spring. So, Rugby it is! But we know nothing about this sport. I know my sister played in college but I never saw her play and your Dad and I are completely clueless. Practices have been limited due to the horrible weather so even you have not figured out the game completely. Plus, the coach is not quite sure what position to play you in. So we headed to the first scrimmage and although I still do not know much about the game (although I know scrum, ruck, and off sides) it was exciting to watch and you absolutely loved it. This is probably the most fun you have had in an organized sport in a long time. There is something to be said for club sports for sure. Love watching you play!

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