Another favorite photo which has been on the back burner to be scrapped . . . the color challenge *green* was just the ticket to use with my photo of our little granddaughter swimming in the creek.

Journaling: Ken & his family were here for four days this week. They stayed at the farm and on Saturday Papa & Monnie picked up Mitchell & Henry and we all joined them for the day. The Creek is always the main draw at our house on a hot day, and today was a classic Southern hot summers day! Our little 3 & 1/2 year old Cassie was the day’s star swimmer. Actually, the creek is only about a foot deep in places so she could lie on her belly and peek out of the water like a little frog. She had such fun and we had such fun watching her too. I thought that she looked just like a little frog peeking his heard above the water! June 27th 2010

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