Thanks to all of Carl's friends who played along with doggie selfies. I wanted to capture some of the hilarious dialogue between the doggie Mamas and as always, the witty voice of Judie F speaking on behalf of Rose. This page makes sense only in context with and
Journaling: The girls are: (1) Megan, (2) Mollie, (3) Dixie, (4) TInk, (5) Abby Lane (6) Eva, (7) Maggie and (8) Cooper.

Dialogues between Carl and the Girls - with sidebars by Rose

Carl: Hi Dixie. Remember me - the one you were herding like a sheep? Great selfie, you good lookin’ girl you. (Rose: Dixie thinks you are lower than dirt too. Girl dogs know.....).
Carl: Oh no Dixie, Have you been talking to Rose. Your broken-hearted friend, Carl.

Carl: Hey Tink. Carl the Cocker here. Lookin’ good girlfriend.
Rose: Cute little Tink. I need to talk to you about Carl the Cad.

Carl: WOW. This is Carl. I really like your selfie Abby, You are SO pretty. Abby: Does this picture make my nose look big? Carl: Love your nose. Wanna be my BFF? Abby: Have to ask my Mom what it is first.

Carl: Hey Eva. It’s Carl. I am a Cocker Spaniel. Wanna meet in real life sometime?Great selfie. (Rose: Eva does not want to meet you Carl - she will eat you up.) Carl: Humph. She is just a little thing.

Carl: Hey Maggie. I love a brown-eyed girl (and hahaha - Rose did not see this post).

Carl: Hey Cooper - Carl the Cocker here. Are you as snarky as Rose? (Rose: Sweet Cooper. She's a girl Carl and you are still dirt.)

Rose: And Carl, about your bedroom eyes. Weer you making them at ME? I still think you are lower than dirt. Carl: But I LOVE you. Rose: COOTIES!!! Carl has COOTIES! DIRTY Cooties.

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