Journaling - She liked the respite house when we visited and she liked the people we met there - but she made it abundantly clear over the next few weeks that she was NOT going to be having any holidays there. We had another appointment to visit and fill out paperwork ~ she refused to go. So I went on my own thinking that this was going to end up being a dragging ~ kicking and screaming episode if I went ahead with the plans for an overnight stay. After talking over my reservations, Mel suggested that we just go out there for dinner this coming Saturday evening. She talked about the girls that are staying this weekend and it turns out that one of them is Claire’s very best friend from Primary School, Mindy. We haven’t seen Mindy or her mum, Tina, for over 10 years. I went home and told Claire and she was SO excited to go for dinner on Saturday and see Mindy. I didn’t tell her that I’ve also booked her in for an overnight stay in April on the same weekend that Mindy is going to stay. The next day, who should we bump into at the shops, but Tina! As we were catching up and talking about the respite house, Tina quietly asked if I had booked Claire in yet. When I said that I had done so for the same weekend as Mindy’s stay in April, Tina looked at me and said, “You know, I was going to call them on Monday and change Mindy’s April booking, but now that I know that Claire is going that weekend, I definitely won’t!” Coincidence that we should meet up after all these years? I don’t think so. I think the angels may have been working for us. I’m so thankful for a God who is interested in and active in our lives. Humbled, too.

ETA We went for dinner last night - she thoroughly enjoyed catching up with her old friend and is asking - actually ASKING to go again for a sleepover!!!

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