Only three days ago, you huddled miserably under a coat of sleet and ice, only partially sheltered by the warming rock. Ice! In March! In Arkansas. I feared you had sealed your doom, braving too soon to push your heads up from beneath the carpet of last year’s leaves. But you have incredible hardiness and an indomitable spirit. You drew deep within and waited....and today burst full-blown, reaching toward the sun. Your perseverance warms my heart. When I look at you, I am happy. I believe there is a lesson in the steadfast reliability of bulbs that I am not articulate enough to voice.
A Bit Dirty Paper Pack No. 01
Audubon Notebook Solids Paper Pack
Burlap Essentials Paper Pack
(Three papers blended together - what was I thinking of)
Letter Box Brushes and Stamps No. 05 Value Pack
Branched Edgers Brushes and Stamps
Autumnal Artistry Kit
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