I am not a very organized scrapper, I get started then change direction...then change again...no wonder it takes me so long...

I decided this would be the cover for the college album I am trying to get started for my ds. Until I change my mind again!! The Y O U, is from the Ohio University website, that is where I saw it, and I liked it... I took this picture of the brick sidewalk, and I was surprised to see my son's foot in it...at first I was not going to use the foot, then I decided it was OK...it kinda fit...

K Pertiet: Textured Canvas Neutrals, Messy Stitched Borders, Ad Inspiration 012514, Stamped Stitched Journalers, Lil Bits Staple, Lil Snips Alpha, Dictionary Blendables, Vintage Christmas Doily Edger, Wood Safety Tags, Dirty Frames, Messed Up Photo Blocks #9, Art Time Flowers

L Grieveson: Poppies Bracket

A Edwards: This Story

Checkerboard mask by A Aspnes


PS: I wanted to clarify, the Y O U idea, was from the O.U. website, not this picture, I just re-created it...I liked the idea to have this throughout his album with an updated picture for different pages...