Journaling is one of my weaknesses. I so enjoy the prompts that Carol provides in her story challenges. Once I got started, the memories came flooding in.

Journaling reads:
Before Hewlett Packard, before Intel, before Apple this neighborhood was surrounded by orchards and farms. My parents purchased this small three-bedroom house in 1956 for $16,000. And my father still lives in it today. To say that it has increased in value is an understatement. It is where we grew up. We all learned how to drive and back a car out of this driveway. To this day, if I am backing the car out when visiting, my Dad thinks he needs to give me directions. We had a basketball hoop and played countless games of “HORSE” in this driveway with my mother.
Today this house seems small to me when I visit, but growing up, it seemed just perfect for a family of five. Maybe because I always had my own room; being the only girl. Of course, my brothers would constantly yell at me for taking too much time in the bathroom to get ready. I remember trying to sneak in when I was out past curfew, thinking no one heard me. I now know that most likely was not the case.
I love going back to this house to visit and I cherish the memories.
Katie Pertiet
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