The challenge made me think of the many places we’ve called home through the years. I think of every place we lived our children remember Hawaii the most. We lived in this house longer than any other house in our 46 years of marriage!

It’s just a normal looking house located in a local neighborhood in Kaneohe, Hawaii. It’s single wall construction with the outlet and light switch boxes set on the wood walls and slat windows. I’m not sure when it was built but most of the homes in the area were about the same. But if the walls of this house could talk it would be able to tell more than I can remember! I think this is the place my children will always remember as home more than any other place we lived. It is where they grew up. Where we laughed and cried, played games, and sang songs. It’s where we prayed together, had church Growth Group weekly meetings, and worship team practice. It’s where we celebrated Christmas, Easter, birthdays, and shared bar-b-ques with our friends.
If these walls could talk they would tell of Christopher and Tricia playing catch with Trevor and he was the ball. It would tell of the nights Chris got up to get on the forbidden internet sites - until David found out. They would tell of Tricia learning to cook and the kids surprising us with dinner. They would tell of things we want to forget and things we wish we could remember.
It is where life happened and we were a family. It’s the last place we all lived together. It was our shelter when we hurt, our safe haven and our place to call home. When we left in June, 1997 we didn’t just leave a house - we left a little piece of each of us.

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