My page for this months story challenge. This was fun, thanks Carol! Smile

Obviously that's not my home pictured. I was too lazy to go outside and get a good photo but I think I might do that eventually and then add it in on here somewhere. Smile

Thanks for looking!
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The Story Challenge Freebie (I used the compass brush)
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Font: Olivetti Type 2, Bebas
Journaling: Like everyone does when they buy a house, we had a wish list. A decent backyard with entertaining space. Four bedrooms. Not too far a drive from public transport (for our daily commute for work). No neighbours right, smack bang on top of us. But most importantly, a place that felt like home. We didn’t care if it was fancy and brand new; if it did not feel like home when we walked in the door then it wasn’t even considered. We looked at brand new houses on small blocks. Small houses on big blocks. Old houses, new houses, loved houses and neglected houses. But none of them felt like home until we walked in the door here. This would be where we would plant our hearts and grow our family. This is home.