I struggled with this one...it changed from a 2 page spread to a 1 page spread back to a 2 pager and finally back to 1 page.. I changed templates 3 times..Added photos, culled photos, added photos.. But I am happy with it now! Smile

Thanks for looking. Smile

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FONT: Century Gothic, Bebas
Journaling: This week was a rather crazy, busy week! We booked tickets to take Linc to Disney on Ice in late June. Can’t wait! Poppy was a cranky bum all week thanks to her immunisations and a growth spurt. We received a package from the lovely Jenelle and in it were some 6 month size suits. They fit Poppy perfectly! LOL!! I spent up big in Typo on Thursday night shopping for Sierra’s birthday present. Friday night Poppy kept us up all night. Saturday was Sierra’s birthday party at Nana and Pa’s house. Sunday we dosed up on caffeine (or rather de-caf for me) and headed to the beach for a few hours. It was bliss!

18 FEB - I had this electric keyboard sitting in the cupboard doing nothing, so I got it out for Lincoln to play with. He knew immediately how it worked and has had fun making ‘music’ ever since. He even grabbed his little ukulele and tried to put on a bit of a concert. The funny thing is some of his ‘music’ doesn’t sound half bad. I just wish he had not discovered the volume controls. It gets loud!

We decided at the last minute (and after a much needed drive to Gloria Jeans) to take Linc to the playground at Xxxxx Beach. He had a ball going down the slide for an hour and then he and Dylan went down to the beach to build sandcastles. It was so windy that Poppy and I stayed where it was nice and sheltered.

This little baby really wants to be mobile. She loves her tummy time and wants to move. I sat and watched her drag herself from one side of the mat to the other. How is this possible??

22 FEB - We went to Nana and Pa W’s to have sandwiches and cake for Sierra’s 4th birthday. Nana had made her a ‘My Little Pony’ birthday cake that was chequered pink, purple and green inside! Linc tried to sneak a taste - so cheeky!