This is for the “home” Story Challenge - This is where I call home 368 Morris Drive Fairborn Ohio 45324 – I have lived here since 2005 – it’s a duplex apartment and I own it. Mamaw technically lives downstairs and I technically live upstairs – we only use one kitchen that would be downstairs across from the living room – she claimed it when she moved in with me in 2008. My plan was to live here a short bit and then move to Florida – I so want to get back to an ocean breeze. Sometimes plans have ways of changing. This is the 21st place I’ve called home and the 5th time Mamaw and I have lived together. The floor plan is the same upstairs and downstairs 2 bedrooms on the left living room and kitchen on the right with a bathroom in the middle. Mamaw lives downstairs – no steps for her … she’s all on the first floor. My office is across the hall from her bedroom. I have a do room upstairs but I don’t do much in it right now… my daily life is downstairs with Mamaw. The grocery store is 1 exit away on the interstate app 5 miles….the Doctors office is just down the street from Krogers. The military base is about 1 mile away where Jay and Renee and Fred and thousands of others work…I can walk into town to the library and shopping is about 10 miles away. Its flat here and we have sidewalks – but the kids walk to school in the streets …ride their bikes etc. My driveway goes from one street to another and is the short cut the kids use – so I park my car so the bikes and the kids can get through…..the yard is really small but its big enough that the neighbor kids run around it to play tag and hide go seek – we both enjoy the sound of laughter and kids playing. The train goes past every 30 minutes or so you here the whistle and 9 times out of 10 we wait for the train at the train crossing about 2 blocks away and on the way to most everything we do. Mom lives close its about 20 minutes away Trishia is 5 minutes away from Mom and Dodie and Jay and Renee are 30 minutes away. In 5 minutes I can be on the highway and in 5 minutes I can be in the country.
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