Journalling - See her there? Way off at the other end of the beach? All by herself? I have been thinking a lot lately about independence and what that may mean for Claire, and yes, for me. It has slowly become apparent to me that this whole new adventure necessitates a fairly major shift in my thinking about Claire’s needs and my responsibilities. Obviously, it’s always been important to me to make sure that Claire’s needs are met, emotional needs as well as
physical needs. And that has been fairly easy to achieve with me being a part of her everyday life. My main priority, I think, beyond meeting those primary needs has been to keep her safe. This has meant curtailing some types of activities and avoiding others. It is slowly becoming clear to me that I cannot continue to do this and still meet her needs - particularly her emotional needs. This whole process of course, is not a new one ~ I have been through the same process with each of her siblings. But how much more difficult it is this time. Previously I have had to learn to trust the child and his or her ability to make his or her own decisions about how to meet their own needs while keeping themselves safe. This time the process entails learning to trust other people to keep her safe, people who cannot possibly have the same investment in Claire’s well-being as I do. In order to meet her changing emotional needs, I need to let go of the control I have had over her personal safety. This is HARD.

KPertiet - Photo Clusters No. 47
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