Could someone please tell this baby to stop growing so quickly! Smile

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Lyon Kit **new**
Lyon Worn Paper Pack **new**
Lyon Cards and Tags **new**
Tiny Treasures Template Set No. 03

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JOURNALING: You are growing right before our very eyes, my girl! Suddenly this week your 000 (0-3 months)suits no longer fit you. They not only would not do up, but there were too short as well. It’s like it happened overnight. You received a gift from Mummy’s friend Jenelle in Melbourne and thankfully it was a packet of suits in a larger size because you suddenly were short on clothes to wear! You now wear 00 (3-6 months). When I put you down for tummy time this week you tried to drag yourself around the play mat. One day I watched you move from one side of the play mat to the other! You would pump your little legs and pull with your arms. You are one determined little girl and I wonder if this means you will crawl early?