This layout came together after spotting this layout by Mel (britgirl) in the gallery: double trouble I loved her composition, how she used the pocket cards and the hashtag in her title! Thanks for the inspiration, Mel!
And, yeah... as the journaling says: This was the "title" that Shannon posted on Facebook along with a couple of photos from her soccer game Tuesday night. I'm sure there is a back story for the title, but I keep forgetting to ask her! (It must be a good story 'cuz Shannon is not a Taylor Swift fan! LOL) And, if you're wondering, Shannon is in the front row, on the actual left of the girl with the knee brace (to the right of the washi tape!).

So, I don’t actually get the “title” of your Facebook post of photos from your soccer game tonight, but I’m sure there’s a story behind it! *smiley* But, no matter... it’s a fun title for a fun photo! And, I was happy you texted me this one! (I always welcome photos!) This is your 11v11 intramural team made up of girls from the UM club team and some of the UM rugby guys. You haven’t had a winning season but you’ve had lots of fun!


***Coming soon!***
Pocket Cards: Splits 3x4 Layered Templates No. 03
(photo / title template)
Baby Blush Solids Paper Pack
(background paper)
Burlap Essentials: Ash Paper Pack
(dark gray paper clipped to template)
Frosted Fun Washi Tapes and Tape Sentiment Clusters
(black washi tape)
Washi Tapes: Lovely No. 01
(maroon washi tape... I darkened the 'red' to make the maroon!)
Flair Mini Sports
(soccer ball)

Thanks for looking! Debi