A year ago we lost Pattie – I needed one more page for the February challenges and I know Pattie would be ok with me getting two things done at 1 time. I used her favorite blending mode in the circles hard light – I used the technique that I learned from Pattie ….to use elements from one template on another – I used Lynn’s template – she’d be ok with that too… I added her bears because they make me think of her ….I used what was on sale today…she’d be ok with that too…. I used the technique of color to change the color in Katies Stitches … she taught me that too… I think she’d like the quote and last but not least I used her “fasten its’ to pin the item down. I remember Pattie every time I scrapbook – I hope her friends and family know how very special she was – even to those of us who never met her in person and that they know next year will be easier than the last one was because of the love she left behind….. and not the staple….One theme 3 scrappers love and a heart …. I think it fitted Pattie perfectly!

Anyway Worn Paper Pack
Grunged Pastels Paper Pack
Clean Stitched Borders: Brown No. 01
Bear Hugs Kit - by Pattie Knox - Retired but not forgotten
Fasten Its! - by Pattie Knox - Retired but not forgotten