I love, love, love this banner! I love the colors, the stars and the mix of patterns! I've been working on this page for weeks... I kept changing papers and colors and embellishments. This banner was my timely answer to finishing the page! Thank you, Katie, for the awesome inspiration freebie and the perfect timing of getting those new deckled frames in the store! Perfect!
I absolutely love all my precious (old!) photos... so blessed that my parents realized back then how special all these memories really are. I especially love that my mom wrote (in her perfect handwriting!) on almost all of the older photos I have. Nice to have that little detail.
(And, yes, I realize I'm dating myself by dating the layout! LOL)

I'm so blessed to have photos like this.
Photos from when I was a few days old
to photos like this of my first year.
Photos from Minnesota and photos from California.
How lucky was I to have parents who
embraced capturing moments and memories?
Pretty lucky indeed.
Mom and Dad. And me.


Brilliant Love Add-On Paper Pack
(background paper)
Classic Deckled Photo Frames No. 01
(photo frames)
Curated Mix Scrapbooking Kit No. 01
(round tab w/ampersand)
Flair Minis No. 01
(brad, slightly recolored)

Thanks for looking! Debi