For the template mash up challenge. I decided to record some memories of 13. Smile This was a lot of fun, thanks Lori!

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Font: KG Payphone
Journaling: It was an exciting time because that was the year I started high school. I took it in my stride though, made a lot of new friends and had a great time. We moved to the other side of town just before the final term of grade 8 and that meant a change of schools and making new friends. Thankfully it all happened easily and I am still in contact with those ladies today. It always makes me smile to see the women we have become. I loved sport at this age. I joined the volleyball team at XXSHS and continued to play until I changed to cricket in grade 11. I watched the rugby league, NBL and cricket religiously on tv. I never missed a match or game. I loved a 5 day test and my Brisbane Broncos! I was a book worm and read a lot of teen fiction. I saw Jurassic Park on opening night. I loved ‘The Bodyguard’ soundtrack and I watched ‘Rage’ and ‘Video Hits’ every single weekend. There was no computer or gaming consoles. Spare time at home was spent outside and the rule was no tv before homework. I was expected to help Mum with housework and the dishes, hanging out washing, vacuuming and keeping my room tidy were expectations. My pocket money always went towards magazines - TV Hits, Dolly or Girlfriend and posters were a hot commodity!

FOR THE RECORD: ** I was in grade 8 and had just changed schools to XXSHS. ** We had just moved to Xxxxx Xxxxx. ** I still shared a bedroom with Jessica. **My favourite tv shows were Neighbours, Home and Away and 90210. ** I never posed nicely for the camera. ** My best friend was Xxxx Xxxxx ** We spent most school holidays with Dad. **