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Font: Century Gothic, Splendid 66
Journaling: 13 Feb - We have continued our weekly tradition of ‘family date night’ since Poppy came along. Linc seems to always know when Thursday night rolls around and is often found waiting for his Daddy at the front door. His little face lights up with excitement when he sees the car pull up the driveway and he is quick to try and usher everyone out the door. Probably because Thursday night also means a choc glazed donut for him for dessert!!

Another week that seemed to fly by. Poppy had her 8 week check up and needles. She is thriving and doing so well. She is starting to develop a day time nap routine. Linc had a week with lots of art and crafts. He can now count to 30 and can recognise most numbers 1-100. We made choc chip cookies on Wednesday after I heard “cookie!!!” for 2 days straight. He is a cookie monster! Thursday we went out for dinner and picked up some V Day presents. Friday Dylan got stuck at work late so we ended up with a take away dinner. Saturday night we had a bbq at Nana and Pa W’s with the Xxxxx family. The weekend was quite hot but we managed lots of outside play time.

Protective Big Brother: 11 Feb - I was in the kitchen and I heard Poppy start to stir and then stop again. When I poked my head around the corner, Lincoln was rocking her back to sleep and quietly playing her songs. She was fast asleep and he stayed by her side for half an hour soothing her.

14 Feb - Dylan spoiled me for Valentine’s Day. He got me this clock and some chalkboard art for my ‘Mum Cave’. I got him some new Guess aftershave. Lincoln was most happy with his Lindt chocolate and Poppy with her pink and love heart pj’s.

15 Feb - Miss Poppy had her 8 week injections today. Ugh. It’s never fun but she did so well. She squealed and screamed like I had never heard before but soon settled down. She was quite unsettled for the rest of the day and night though. Poor Bubba. She has grown so much though and now weighs 6kgs and is 49cm long!

Noted: 14 Feb - I got the macro lens out to play with. I need to put it on the camera more often!