This is my lift of Kelly's fantastic winter page - when I told her I was happily doing this lift...but I didn't have everything she used so it would be a CASE but not exact - she told me"just slap it on" and have fun... I've had a miserable cold.... the kind that keeps you in bed and your brain doesn't function.... so it was fun to play.... now "I slapped it on"....6 hours later...

font - Ams trame
Round Robin Kit
Simply Quilted Paper Pack
Pine Creek Complete Collection
December Kit
Chilling Kit
February Kit
March Kit
Midwinter Kit
January Kit
Winter Artistry Kit
Winter Ice Scrapbooking Collection
Winter Peony Kit
Woodside Jangle Kit
Polar Mountain Collection Complete Collection
Winter Woods Kit
Satin Stitched Flakes
Layer Works No. 134
Layer Works No. 392
Layer Works No. 133
smile 8 kits out of the stash never used before and nothing new - this is a good one for the new years resolution… now I'm off to shop….