These AMM challenges aren't that easy... I've had to dig really deep for the journaling!

I am... struggling with my gym workouts. Awaiting my medical results. Interested to see my cholesterol reading.
I feel... a little like life is passing me by. That I don't have enough time to do my hobby. A little sad sometimes.
I see... all my nail polishes that I can't use at the moment because my nails are too short. My ever faithful desktop PC.
I love... my iPad. Sunshine. Chocolate. The Mokka. Weekends. Any time away from work. Living on the coast.
I hear... the heating. The clock ticking. The news on the TV. The odd car passing by on the wet road.
I'm looking forward to... celebrating Charlie's first birthday with him on 1st March. A few days off work next week. Spring & Summer.
I dread... not being there for my kids if they need me. Getting sick. Bad news of any sort. Bills I haven't accounted for.
I'm scared of... falling when I run. Driving in snow & ice. Snakes. Dogs (a little). Natural disasters and the strange way our world is changing.
I'm OK when... I know the kids are happy and doing OK. Vincent's happy and doing OK. I'm feeling organised. It's the weekend and I'm at home.

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