I have been so inspired by all the AAM pages. Thank you! Here's Steph's inspiration for this one if you'd like to do a page of your own.

I am
eclectic, a spur of the moment person,
a proud wife and mom, a lover of all things art
and a collector of quotes
I love
the color green, seasons,
the ideals of kermit the frog,
spontinaity, diversity and
stuffed animals and blankets that are hanging
on by a thread because of the love of a child
I feel
stressed these days, and like I can get rid of this
stress by simplifying my life, comforted by squeaks and
creaks in my house, and blessed to have a great family
and wonderful friends
I see
details in ordinary things,
beautiful sunsets out my back door,
shadows as art
I hear
hermes tap dancing on the kitchen table,
the wind outside my window,
video games downstairs,
things that others around me don’t hear
I’m looking forward to
traveling more, not having to get up early in the
mornings, and being a mother-in-law and a
grandmother (one day)
I dread
the aches and pains of getting older,
the thought of ever moving again
I’m afraid of
snakes and the speed involved
with downhill skiing
I’m good when
I’ve got gary by my side, and
all my kids are happy... plain and simple

Katie Pertiet:
Washi Tapes Botnaicals No.1 (coming soon)
Blendables Layered Template No. 23 (moved around a bit)
Striping Geo Clusters Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Lynn Grieveson:
All White Now Paper Pack
Hint at it No. 09 Brushes